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Basic Mattress Info

Prices $850 $750
Koala | Single
$950 $850
Koala | King Single
$1050 $950
Koala | Double
$1150 $1050
Koala | Queen
$1300 $1200
Koala | King
$1400 $1300
Koala | Super King
Google Review Score 4.8/5
97% Positive
Product Review Score Koala mattress reviews
Mattress Type Polyurethane foam
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Mattress Construction

Materials Overview Using state of the art manufacturing all here in Australia to produce two unique layers of technologically advanced, modern polyurethane foam.
- Kloudcell™
- Ultra resilient Ecofoam™
- Luxurious blended fabric cover
Comfort Info Our top layer is Kloudcell™, a new material we made from scratch, bringing mattress design into this century. It's an open-cell comfort layer that's comfier than a spring mattress and more supportive than memory foam.
Support Info Airflow comes from our ventilated design and open-cell materials, tested and refined over two years.
Our support layer also spreads body-weight vertically, ensuring a deep sleep, no matter who you share the bed with.
Firmness Info Designed to be a single firmness, we’ve spent many hours tweaking the Koala’s Mattress specifications to ensure it is universally comfortable for everyone.
Comfort Specs The Kloudcell™ comfort layer has been specifically designed to provide outstanding support and excellent weight distribution. Regardless of the climate or the season, you’ll get a good quality sleep with a Koala Mattress. The Kloudcell comfort Layer offers great comfort levels for the body throughout the night while allowing for easy movement and repositioning. The world-class technology dissipates heat throughout the night, meaning it feels cool to touch and won’t leave you feeling hot.
Support Specs Zero-disturbance technology™
Our Ecofoam support layer transfers body movements vertically, making it ideal for sharing with a partner. It's like sleeping in separate beds, without giving up the cuddles.
Fabric Specs With the Koala Mattress you can easily unzip your mattress cover and hand wash in warm soapy water. Remember to line dry and treat the cover as you would your favourite dress or shirt.
Manufactured in Australia

Trial & Warranty

Trial Period
Trial Period (nights) 120
Warranty Length (years) 10

Mattress Specs

Side Sleepers
Back Sleepers
Firmness Options
One Firmness Fits All?
Hard Firmness
Medium Firmness
Soft Firmness
Half-Half Firmness

Size & Weight

Single Dimensions 188 x 92 x 25cm
Single Weight (kg) 26
King Single
King Single Dimensions 203 x 107 x 25cm
King Single Weight (kg) 28
Double Dimensions 188 x 138 x 25cm
Double Weight (kg) 32
Queen Dimensions 203 x 153 x 25cm
Queen Weight (kg) 34
King Dimensions 203 x 165 x 25cm
King Weight (kg) 36
Super King
Super King Dimensions 203 x 183 x 25cm
Super King Weight (kg) 40


Delivery Cost FREE
Delivery Info

We use the latest technology to squish our mattress and deliver it in a small box. Ready to sleep on immediately. Delivered for FREE, New Zealand wide. 4 hour delivery in Auckland & Christchurch.

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Prices $850 $750
Koala | Single
$950 $850
Koala | King Single
$1050 $950
Koala | Double
$1150 $1050
Koala | Queen
$1300 $1200
Koala | King
$1400 $1300
Koala | Super King